My 18+ years as a CONCERT TUNER have provided me with a unique skill set which I consistently apply in tuning and maintaining your instrument.  I treat each instrument as though it were being prepared for a concert or a recital.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve you, provide the finest care for your piano, and help answer your specific piano needs or questions.   I also am ranked #1 on ANGIE’S LIST for Piano Tuning/Repair & Maintenance.

I offer professional, satisfaction guaranteed tuning and service work.  In addition to precisely tuning your piano via aural skills and computer aids, I also check your piano’s regulation and touch-weight responsiveness.  If I can solve sticking key or repetition problems with minor key or action adjustments, I will do so without any extra cost to you.

I also thoroughly clean your pianos’ action, sound board and interior cabinet.  If you perform cost comparisons between myself and other tuner/technicians, you will often find that the cost of the cleaning and/or minor repairs which I perform without charge is equivalent to my competitors tuning fee alone.  Also, the time that I devote to servicing your instrument is usually two to three times as long as what my competitors will offer.

I also offer PRECISION TOUCH-WEIGHT REGULATION for both upright and grand piano actions.  Although this is normally a specialty service for discriminating pianists, it establishes a uniform key weight across the key board which is invaluable towards promoting better playing mechanics, more consistent repetition, runs & trills and vastly improves tonal dynamics and response across the keyboard.

I have restored numerous vintage Upright Grand and Traditional Grand pianos, with sound board, pin block, restringing, repining, bridge & action repairs and hammer head replacement.